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The flashiness of the action down to the camera work is just freaking incredible in this. All around really impressive use of SFM. My only complaint is that he said "Plus Ultra" instead of "Falcon Punch". But that's just being picky. Seriously cool work, I've watched this 20 times so far.

This was really really impressive. The presentation, the entries, the quality was consistently funny and entertaining. Great work all around! Hot tamale

I absolutely love the timing, animation, and sound in this! A really short and sweet animation that illustrates the feeling of being hooked from absurdly far reaches. Really great stuff!

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Really great, fun style, nice music. The controls are a bit delayed and the character feels like he weighs a ton. Other than that it's pretty fun and is good enough to come back to.

I love the challenge in this game. I've tried it like 16 times and still can't beat it. I'm looking forward to playing the rest of those missions and upgrading! Great work on the game, guys.

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This reminds me so much of the music that plays after you beat a level and tally your score. I would seriously believe this came from Sega Genesis. Nice job!

Hilarious stuff dude! and you're on Front Page :]

Holy cow I'm in love with this. And when it picked up, I can't describe how happy it made me. Truly awesome stuff here!

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I really dig how this looks! Still maintains nice arcing motions without the need to redraw a ton. I would say to watch out for the thicker lines on the right arm compared to the left, and the overlapping of the belly against the shorts. But that's only because this animation is looping. If this was just one motion within a short I think it'd be perfect. Cool to see you still experimenting. Keep up the good work!

I love how grotesque and detailed the shadow figures are compared to the simplified and shape-heavy girls. It's a fun contrast and I really do hope to see more of this in the future!

I love those big square brush strokes. The scene has a tension and chaos to it that, not only in the colors and composition but in the way it's painted, really sells the feeling of dread. Keep up the great work!

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