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The flashiness of the action down to the camera work is just freaking incredible in this. All around really impressive use of SFM. My only complaint is that he said "Plus Ultra" instead of "Falcon Punch". But that's just being picky. Seriously cool work, I've watched this 20 times so far.

This was really really impressive. The presentation, the entries, the quality was consistently funny and entertaining. Great work all around! Hot tamale

I absolutely love the timing, animation, and sound in this! A really short and sweet animation that illustrates the feeling of being hooked from absurdly far reaches. Really great stuff!

This was really really entertaining! Super consistent style of animation and character. Funny and snappy writing. Good audio and filter effects. And the "gross-up" still shots were a great addition too. This is some of your best work! Good job.

This came out really really great! Funny and really believable. A small part of me wishes this was actually playable.

I seriously love the production value of this. The lighting, animation and details are perfect. But Minecraft parodies are old news now. And I like how you're not going the same route as everyone else when they make Minecraft parodies, but its still lacking. It'll take something better than average to make overused parodies refreshing again. Thankfully, your animation, music and everything else is literally perfect. All you need is to work more and get more feedback on the writing to make sure it works alot better, and it'd be spot-on! Still great work though!

I really love your style. It's cute and colorful and works perfectly. But the delivery lacks. Maybe some music or better use of sound effects or something. I just feel like there's not really a punch line or whatever. Just gracefully referencing animes of different genres with no catch. I love your work, but i feel like it should be definitely improved from the time of your first few videos.

The voice acting, cinematic angles and everything were AWESOME. The art needs some more attention but besides that. It was funny, and goddamn impressive.

The voice acting was good. The sound effects were... too good for comfort. There could've been some more production value in the text and cleanliness of the animation. But other than that, well presented and funny!

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Thanks dude! Means a lot!

I really liked this! It was simple, and used great use of perspectives. And the sound effects and the part where he flops on the ground I could watch over and over. Good stuff!

I feel fat and sassy.

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