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Your colors and poses are so fun and exaggerated yet still believable. Freakin' love your work

I just really love your art style. Such bold lines that makes everything exaggerated yet readable and makes every character unique and defined. Great stuff as always

I really dig how this looks! Still maintains nice arcing motions without the need to redraw a ton. I would say to watch out for the thicker lines on the right arm compared to the left, and the overlapping of the belly against the shorts. But that's only because this animation is looping. If this was just one motion within a short I think it'd be perfect. Cool to see you still experimenting. Keep up the good work!

I love how grotesque and detailed the shadow figures are compared to the simplified and shape-heavy girls. It's a fun contrast and I really do hope to see more of this in the future!

I love those big square brush strokes. The scene has a tension and chaos to it that, not only in the colors and composition but in the way it's painted, really sells the feeling of dread. Keep up the great work!

I would love to see a time-lapse of your progress on your paintings. Even your loose stuff have really nice brush strokes and a strong understanding of color and lighting. I'm always really impressed by all of your work. I like this dude's butt, and keep up the good work!

P-cate responds:

HAHA, i'm so glad you like my art!, i have a few of speedpaints at my channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w1wGEPMT8U&feature=gp-n-y

Starring in his own movie: A Million Ways To Not Be Funny

The Neverhood was my shit as s kid. I can't wait for their new Armikrog game to reach completion. This piece could use a lot of polish, but because its referencing a love of my life, I can't help but favorite it. Klaymen 2016

it's decent. but REALLY re-attempt the breasts and nipples entirely. It's really the only thing not working in this pic. Try and use color and shading rather than an outline so it looks like a part of the breast, and not a completely separate object. Everything else is nice and crisp.

Your coloring and shading and all that is always amazing. Your background work is best of the best. But your proportions are usually inaccurate, and even if they are, they're not stylized enough to be interesting. You've got all the right pieces and skills to make some amazing porn, but it's just not there yet. Really focus and practice on getting some attractive figures, considering they're the main focus in all of your paintings.

I feel fat and sassy.

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